by William Shakespeare

Prison theatre in the JVA Tegel


Shows:   27th and 28th February and 1st, 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 20th, 21th and 22th March 2019 at 6.00 pm

A storm sea rages at sea and transforms the king of Naples Alonso’s ship into a helpless, tempest-tossed nutshell. But instead of finding an icy grave at sea, the occupants are washed up unharmed on the shore of a small island. An apparent “stroke of fate” that is really part of a deliberate plan. For what appeared to be an angry spectacle of nature to the capsized shipmates was in fact made by spirits: the master of the waves is Prospero, who with the help of the air spirit Ariel has whipped the sea into a frenzy.

Once the rightful Duke of Milan and an enthusiastic scholar of the magic arts, his brother Antonio banished him to the island through a perfidious coup – where Prospero has lived for years with his daughter Miranda among the island’s earth spirits, which he has made his subjects using his magical powers. Until a twist of fate steers his worst enemies’ ship to his place of exile. The conflict between the desire for revenge and yearning for love then unfolds in this isolated location.


aufBruch stages what is believed to be Shakespeare’s last play with inmates from Tegel Prison in the empty former Prison Wing III, linking the original with a version by the Afro-Caribbean French writer Aimé Césaire, who radically transposes its magic and sorcery to wider society – for Shakespeare’s poetic saga can indeed be described as the first colonial drama in literary history. The island becomes the site of conflict between the inhabitants and the occupiers, between cultivation and oppression.



"Hell is empty and all the devils are here."


An aufBruch KUNST GEFÄNGNIS STADT production in cooperation with the JVA Tegel




Performed by the aufBruch prisoner ensemble in the JVA Tegel 


Director Peter Atanassow  Stage designer Holger Syrbe  Costume designer Thomas Schuster Dramaturg Hans-Dieter Schütt  Music coach Vsevolod Silkin  Video Pascal Rehnolt Production manager Sibylle Arndt  Assistant director Franziska Kuhn Artistic and technical support Lukas Maser  Costume assistant Melanie Kanior  Graphic design Alexander Atanassow 




Tickets: 15 € / 10 € (discounted)


Tickets on sale from:  11th February 2019


Funded by a grant from the Senate Department for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination
Supported by the JVA Tegel, JSA Berlin, Volksbühne Berlin and zitty Berlin.




Performance venue:
Justizvollzugsanstalt Tegel
Seidelstraße 39
13507 Berlin

U-6 Otisstraße or Holzhauserstraße

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