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Music for Freedom

C3 Training in Berlin


Audio editing skills as a means of social and professional reintegration

11. - 14. September 2023

aufBruch is working together from October 2021 – October 2024

with the Partner organization ARCI Liguria (project manager)

and other European partners in the Erasmus+ Project:

Music4Freedom - Training in Rap/HipHop - Audio Editing Skills as a Means of Social and Professional Reintegration".


As part of this project, workshops are planned with (primarily) young prisoners in which their own songs are developed, recorded and edited and the results are then presented in presentations. The aim is to educate, train and further develop numerous social, cultural and professionally oriented skills and abilities of the participants.

The work is carried out by experienced and experienced workshop lecturers from aufBruch in small groups and participation is certified.

The JSA Berlin is our most important “associated partner” for the project and we would like to realize most of the workshops in this context in cooperation with the JSA.


Music for Freedom (M4F) focuses on one of the worst conditions of marginalisation for young people: detention, whether in juvenile or adult prisons. The aim of this project is to develop for the first-time not only artistic skills, but also technical ones which will be useful for future employment.

Inclusion and diversity are main Targets. M4F wants to support and innovate the rehabilitation pathways for these young inmates (as well as post detention), considering also the multiplicity of disadvantage factors they encompass: personal, psychological, family distress; condition of social and economic marginality; cultural and ethnic differences.

We bring music and technical education in detention centres and function as a bridge to "outside" inclusion processes and networks.


We intend to implement and provide audio mixing and editing training and build an audio editing and recording studio in the prison. This idea came about thanks to collaboration with the rappers, who have been working on rap projects for years to involve prisoners in artistic work and give them new social contacts.

Our project aims to use the time spent in prison more meaningfully. The teaching of technical skills is intended to help provide a better picture of job opportunities and establish contacts with the music market.



ARCI (Italy), CPIP (Romania), Asturia (Belgien), ETIC (Portugal), DSIM (Turkey), EFA (Italy)



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