Artistic paths to develop the professional skills of prisoners

Strategic Partnerships for adult education

01-09-2015 bis 01-09-2018



The project moves from the well-established experiences of the theatrical and artistic partners operating in jail in order to boost the value of such experiences and their function in relation to specific needs:

• Of the prisoners, to regain through arts and theatre their self-esteem and self-confidence, starting points to rediscover their basic and soft skills, cornerstones of social reintegration;

• Of the prisoners, not to lose or to improve by practice specific professional skills, with acknowledgment and potential certification of the training received;

• Of the arts companies operating in jail, to get widespread EU acknowledgment of their work and to enhance their links with vocational courses for prisoners and existing educational systems;

• Of penitentiary institutions, to boost quality and quantity of employment opportunities for former prisoners, reducing repeated infringement rates


Project’s main objectives are:

1. Defining a framework of the transversal and professional skills, both formal and informal, that are specific to theatrical and artistic activities and that can be acquired through courses targeted to inmates and former inmates;

2. Developing models that are specific to skills certification systems, suitable to penitentiary activities and applicable also for the European professional mobility of former inmates;

3. Defining good practices for the institutional relationships – with public administrations, job agencies and NGOs – that will help professional reintegration and real acknowledgment of the skills acquired through artistic activities;

4. Defining internal organization and preparation standards for both theatrical/artistic companies and penitentiary institutions in order to help the development of training paths in jail and the professional validation of such paths for inmates and former inmates.




Die Mitglieder der Partnerschaft sind: T.C. İzmir Valiliği (Türkei), DomSpain Consulting SL (Spanien), aufBruch Kunst Gefaengnis Stadt (Deutschland), Szczecińska Szkoła Wyższa Collegium Balticum (Polen), Teatro dell‘Ortica (Italien), ÉFA – Équipe di Formatori Associati (Associated Trainers Team) (Italien), ARCI Liguria (Italien), G.G. EUROSUCCESS CONSULTING LTD (Griechland), Сдружение „Обединени професионалисти за устойчиво развитие” - "United professionals for sustainable development Association" (Bulgarien) und Asturia vzw (Belgien)